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When your Air Conditioner stops working your home can go from a comfortable refuge from hot summer weather to an unbearable heat trap within moments. At Rose Branch Mechanical we want all of our customers to stay cool on the hottest of days. If you home air conditioning unit is in need of repair or you would like to upgrade to a more cost-effective cooling system, we are the experts in the GTA, York Region, Toronto, and Peel Area.

At Rose Branch Mechanical, we suggest the use of humidifiers because they provide several important benefits. They increase the air quality in your home and maintain perfect level of humidity all year round. They help in preventing damage to your personal belongings that dry air may cause. Finally, they allow your skin to stay moisturized all year round.

We are also proud to provide top-class assistance in the fight against air pollutants or allergens that are a danger to many people. We will equip your house with the most efficient, quiet, and effective air cleaner to ensure comfort and safety for your family.

                                                             Our Other Services Include:

         Rooftop Unit Installation, Coil Installation, Fan Replacement, Air Cleaner Installation, Heatpumps and Ductless Systems.

Free Estimates

We will provide you with free estimates so you only pay when the problem is terminated

Same Day Appointments

Your time and comfort are very important to us; therefore, we work hard to provide same-day appointments.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We always push ourselves to do the best job possible. We provide our clients with efficient, quiet, and affordable equipment.

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