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Humidifiers and Air Cleaners

We Care About Air Quality in Your Home

At Rose Branch we believe that Air Quality in your home is just as important as your cooling and heating systems. With all of the pollutants in the air, homes can become a health hazard to people with weak immune systems or allergies.


During dry seasons, such as winter, everyone most likely used a humidifier at their home.  While the small humidifiers might work well during cold or flu season or during winter, they require lots of maintenance and they are not always "whisper quiet".

At Rose Branch Mechanical, we recommend humidifiers for several reasons:

  •  Extend life of personal belongings such as heirlooms or antiques
  • Keep woodwork in good condition
  • Allows skin to say moisturized all year long
  • Reduce static electricity

Air Cleaners

Even the cleanest of the homes is full of air pollutants and allergens. These particles can cause serious health problems or shorten the life span of your heating and cooling equipment.  

We know the importance of having clean air in your home and we are happy to share some benefits with you.  

  • Decrease your energy bills
  • Keep your heating and cooling equipment inn optimal working order
  • Reduce dust and allergens in your home
  • Keep your family healthier during flu and cold seasons

If You Live in the GTA

If you live in the Toronto, Greater Toronto Area, or York Region and are seeking better air quality in your home, we at Rose Branch Mechanical can assist you. 

Free Estimates

We will provide you with free estimates so you only pay when the problem is terminated

Same Day Appointments

Your time and comfort are very important to us; therefore, we work hard to provide same-day appointments.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We always push ourselves to do the best job possible. We provide our clients with efficient, quiet, and affordable equipment.

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